Private Club

Private Club

Project Description

The extensive millwork for this private club is one of a kind. This took a company effort to achieve this successful completion. JTI used local custom carvers to give the designers what they envisioned. To achieve the New Orleans Style look, actual sand blasted Cypress wood was used for the ceiling beams and walls. Red Grandis was used for the carved bar and boot dividers. There are many different rooms that shaped into a variety of designs. Areas included the Lounge, custom booths, wine room, dining room, lobby, restrooms and not to mention very detailed exterior wood work.

Project Materials

  • Red Grandis
  • Maple
  • Laser cut wood ceiling panels
  • Sandblasted Cypress beams
  • Ornamental Mouldings
  • Custom wood carvings
  • Custom Marble and Granite Counters


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